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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 21, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> it is 1:00 p.m., here are the headlines in the french capital. catalano authorities believe eunice w koop, -- younes abu yakoub was behind the will of the car that ran into tourists in las ramblas last week.
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>> big ben chimes for the last time in the next four years. led block -- london's iconic lock -- iconic clock is shut down as work to restore it again. -- begins. police in spain say they have identified the denver who rammed the van into crowds last thursday in barcelona. the attack which is claimed by the islamic state has been deadliest since 2004 according to the catalan government officials. the manhunt for the 22-year-old moroccan suspect has been extended to all of europe. the investigation is now closing in on a radical imam from the listof ripoll hoopa
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believe may have died after the destination of a bump in the house last week in another region. earlier we spoke to our correspondent in madrid and asked her for the latest. >> the interior minister is saying everything points to the radical -- to the man, younes abu yakoub as being the driver mblas andn in las ra he cannot rule out that the men may have fled the country and may be hiding out elsewhere. all euros -- european authorities are helping out in the search. we have exclusive estate pictures of the cctv at the boqueria market, in barcelona and they say that it looks like that could have been the way that this moroccan managed to avoid being taken by authorities. they think that what could've
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happened is that after he abandoned the van, he then got into a ford focus and he may have killed the driver in order to do that and then driven off to make his escape. the authorities are still looking for him and three other men have not been arrested or killed from the catalan cell which they think involved about a dozen people. >> thank you, our reporter there from richard. over to the french port city of marseille, one person has been killed after a crash. into bus shelters the driver has been arrested at the scene and police say there is no motive for the attack yet. hervictim was a woman in 40's and the prosecutor's office says of the incident is not being treated as a terror case. the driver is up early in his 30's and has psychological issues. the u.s. and south korea have
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picked off annual military drills this monday, and according to the u.s. military, 17.5 thousand american troops are taking part in these exercises. the drills are taking place as the warm bills between the united states and north korea. after donald trump said that pyongyang would be met with fire and fury if they threatened the u.s. or its allies. south korea's president has warned the north meanwhile, not to provoke. >> it is an annual exercise of the defensive nature and has no intention of heightening military tensions in the korean peninsula. north korea should not distort our efforts and should not aggravate the situation. >> now earlier, i spoke to our correspondent andrew simon and asked him what the military drills actually entail. a ultra-focused annual drill that take place every year.
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there are american troops, and about 50,000 south korean troops and 30,000 american troops. these trips will be underground in bunkers, essentially simulating. they do this every year and ostensibly, the media says they are worried that this is planning for a preemptive strike upon north korea. of course, north korea cannot respond to these types of drills because they do not have the hardware, the software or the capabilities to replicate these kind of drills internally. >> what is north korea's reaction likely to be? on past form we connect -- we can expect a missile test or to being fired off the east coast
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near japan or near the pacific but things are pretty jittery here. words asen a war of you mentioned between the north korean president and the american president. donald trump has employed the same kind of bellicose rhetoric that the north koreans themselves use, and this may really have shaken up the north koreans. year, -- more than the past. we'll have to see what north koreans have to say or do after this. >> andrew simon reporting from seoul, korea. 10 americans are missing after their worship the u.s. as john mccain collided with an oil tanker in the singapore strait at the ship was handing to singapore for a routine port call. nonesailors had life-threatening engineers and the second -- four sailors had nonthreatening engineers and
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this is the second accident in the area in the past two months. an oilr a collision with tanker, this is the u.s. as mccain. many crewmembers were sleeping when it happened at dawn. special aircraft are now combing the water to find the missing sailors. the navy destroyer is named for the father and grandfather of the republican senator, john mccain who tweeted out prayers for the crew. other american soldiers were also wounded during the crash. crewmembers among -- new members on the library and oil tanker reported no injuries or spills and it was caring tons of oil from taiwan and singapore. it is usually extremely rare for such vessels to run into each other but it is the second time in 2 months. seven sailors were killed in june when the sister ship of uss mccain, uss fitzgerald was hit by a ship off of the coast of japan. >> donald trump will make a
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primetime address to the nation later this monday. late as president is said to outline his strategy on the war of afghanistan. throughlict has lived two office predecessors making it america's longest conflict. there has been a recommendation of a troop surge in afghanistan but it is unclear of what donald trump will say. the white house, donald trump is for a formal address to the nation. many have been waiting for donald trump to lay down a strategy for the confidence in afghanistan. after months of keeping the public in limbo he announced on saturday via twitter, that he has taken the decision. >> it is a very big decision for me, i took over a mess. and we will make it a lot less messy, that has been a place, 17 years, our longest war, as i read in one of your columns. frankly, it is going to be a
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decision that is -- >> the u.s. involvement in afghanistan goes back to september 11, 2001 with the attack of the world trade center in new york. george w. bush, the then president invaded afghanistan to track down osama bin laden. made, thee were gains military intervention failed to eradicate the threat and after president obama took office he scaled up the military operation before initiating a gradual withdrawal of troops at the end of his second term. today there are 8400 american soldiers remaining in afghanistan territory and it is unclear which of trump's have been the most convincing. vice president pence argued in favor of an increase in troops forsteve bannon had rooted the withdrawal of u.s. forces. >> now the famous chimes from being been have come to a halt.
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london's iconic 13 ton clock is going through maintenance work for the next four years. ministers of parliament gathered outside the clock to witness the last chime. we go to our correspondent in london, good afternoon, benedict. what has the reaction in like to the clock which is now gone silent? >> it in word, huge red in another word, huge controversy. this announcement was made about 10 days ago, and even though august is usually cold here in the british capital, the silly season, where silly stories come up, this story has just run and run and continues to run. chimes,just heard the or as we always called them here, the bongs of big ben will now be sellers until 2021. the controversy is why it'll take four years to disconnect the clock, make major repairs to
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it and also, to the tower. but of course, the tower is connected to probably meant, and some are heavily criticizing it, saying that it is far too long for it to be silent. and that it is the heart of the nation's heartbeat, if you will, and this is a way of balancing the british heart. others say that everybody really needs to, down, and stop is controversy. alls he said, this is after a clock, so why this reaction? >> well, what is being said is, on the technical side, what it is taking four years? the parliamentary committee that they've the green light to this work and to these major repairs, some $29 million -- 29 million pounds worth of work, say that it is necessary for it to be --enced because the workers
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the decibels would be too loud for them, so they need for the clock to be silenced. panicking either here or in the united kingdom or across the world intending to -- therevisit london, are bulletins open live by these wrongs and since the clock is only a few seconds late, there is a major controversy. people are saying -- surely these workers could wear earmuffs, earplugs, and not worry that let us remember that exceptionally, there will be bonds to see in the new year, and also for example here for the commemoration of remembrance on hyundai. some of -- on monday. those are some of the more exceptional event here in the country. if somebody wants to check the time, the clock will be working so they will be able to do that. >> thank you very much, benedict for the update from london. the prolific show men and slapstick junius, jerry
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lewis has died at the age of 91. he said -- i had great success being an idiot. our reporter takes a look at his career. >> the king of comedy, he loves to play the fool. >> hello baby! >> after world war ii, when still in his 20's he made a name for himself acting like a clown opposite the crooner dean met -- dean martin. on stage and screen the duo martin and lewis? ?> ♪ when i'm gone ♪ >> after 10 years working partnership, he forged a solo career erecting and writing his own work. but in the 1963 hit, he penned the not -- the nutty professor. he was the son of a cabaret musician and he had show business in his blood. he was able to improvise dance steps and slapstick humor with
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few rich and jokes. for visual known gags, using his whole body to get laughs. tumble1965 he took one too many, severely injuring his back after a double cart will. >> on stage, the adrenaline lets me do two hours of stupid, and thenazy, physical after the curtain comes down, two men have to take me to walk to my dressing room. also a prodigious fundraiser, a world renowned humanitarian. he raised over $2.6 billion for muscular dystrophy. he launched the annual charity telephones in the united states in 1966, bringing them to france 20 years later. he was lauded by the french, receiving the prestigious leggion d'honneur.
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wasr in his career he directed by greats including martin scorsese and he was a performer who kept pushing boundaries. his legacy will live on in the world of comedy. ♪. >> time now for the business days. -- business news with brian quinn in the studio. there are fears of a trade war between the u.s. and china? >> that's right, the u.s. wants a section 301 investigation on poverty theft. the move has angered -- property theft. a move which has angered chait -- beijing. our reporter has the story. >> edging closer to a trade war, the u.s. has launched an investigation into china's intellectual property strategy. washington says it will also look into reports that the chinese investment -- china's government is investing an american firms as a way of
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accessing proprietary information. have alwayses complained of widespread industrial espionage by backed chinese rivals. the investigation has angered beijing and officials say the government is ready to respond if new tariffs are put in place. >> if you collect new taxes, and increase the cost of chinese export companies, the american buyers will also face an increase in cost and this could lead to a higher default risk. if such an negative impact left longer, our chinese exporters will lead to seeking new markets. >> the u.s. says economic losses from counterfeit and consumer goods, powered in software and theft of trade secrets, to around $600 billion per year. president trump is relying on section 301 of the trade act of 1974 which gives him the authority to unilaterally impose
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tariffs and other restrictions to protect the united states from unfair trade practices. morests say that china has to lose from any possible trade war but ultimately u.s. consumers would end up paying more for imported goods. >> to europe now where french petroleum giant total has struck a deal, a 7.5 billion dollars deal, where they are looking to focus on its main shipping business as it unloads all energy holdings. total is a major deal for the company, and earlier this year they had a multibillion-dollar agreement to develop a gas field shared by iran and qatar. now, for a check on the market. shares seeing a significant boost in copenhagen on the oil
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deal news, and investors are losing confidence in u.s. president donald trumps ability to achieve his economic agenda. banking stocks are faring poorly particularly nearly a 3% drop. let's take a look at some more of today's top business headlines. this energy company has agreed to acquire the parent company of encore, in a $19 billion deal. warren buffett, who's back sure how their way firm had planned to buy the company for around $18 billion. sachs has received approval to trade equities with saudi arabia and the u.s. investment bank joins a number -- a growing number of american investment banks operating there. plan for public stock
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offering of the company's oil giant saudi aramco. our plan was approved to buy back to billion dollars of its own stock, and the company says it will repurchase 113 million shares, returning cash to investors that in nearly 18% premium, a move coming after the resignation o of the ceo last wk due to an ongoing dispute with the company's s founders. the company's shares lost nearly 10% of their value. if you are playing the stock market, there is one sector where some big returns are being unleashed, pet stocks have been beating the market. bloomberg is reporting that the up 19%sion index, is since one year ago, compare that to the s&p 500 which is 8.5% up in the last time frame. people are expected to spend more billions of dollars on
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their furry friends this year, and all of that is attributed to a better economy in the u.s.p another factor is millenniums who are putting off having kids and getting pets instead. >> you want to get a dog to. >> that is sure. >> thank you very much for that, it is now time for the press review. ♪ >> i am joined by someone in the studio. hello. >> helello. >> we start in barcelona. >> we are looking at the front page of the spanish daily, la thatardia which reports officials have interpreted messages posted on the dark web which says one of the terrorists allegedly notified of his intentions to strike spain. this clearly was not a loan -- l one wolf attack like we have seen in parts of europe, this
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was a cell that was very organized. the spanish newspaper el mundo says that the terrorists were able to bring explosives and gas canisters on noticed in what spanish authorities to leave may have been a plan for a more larger s scale attack. >> there have also been an outpouring of tributes to the victims. >> that's right, especially for one victim, who was in dual australian british citizen who was originally reported as missing. been confirmed dead and there was a heartbreaking front page for an australian newspaper which says the boy was separated from his mother who was seriously injured during the attacks. and other tributes, the spanish prime minister has also paid tribute to the victims to read in another spanish , theaper, el periodico
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spanish for mr. says we must be united to read this is an issue of our time, and he says, we are obliged to win this battle. >> another tribute coming from lebanon? >> the lebanese army have already launched an offensive to retake parts of the country from the islamic state group in particular, hearts of orderings area -- bordering syria. they brandished the spanish flag as you see here on the front page of this lebanese newspaper. they interviewed -- in tribute to the barcelona victims as sort of celebrating a after they made those gains against the islamic state. >> moving onto to the united states where donald trump as said to be planning to outline his strategy of afghanistan? >> after months of silence he is said to be planning to explain what he plans to do their. according to the website that ago, it is a decision that will be expected to toe the line if
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you like, it is expected that he will announce a decision to send more troops to afghanistan. indicating "a more traditional approach to foreign policy." it will also indicate the u.s. pending involvement in the region in a conflict that spanned three u.s. presidents and over 15 years. allies the u.s. and its are taking part in military drills over in south korea? >> it calls them were games, an annual military exercise that takes part between the u.s. and south korea. particularly tense time. we'll know has responded to north korea with his infamous words fire and fury and there is a lot of regulation about how north korea will react to the military exercises. the south korean newspaper here says it could be a watershed moment in the crisis -- the fact
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that the top u.s. brass are there shows how tense the situation is, especially given north korea has already demanded that drills not take place. clearly the u.s. is not heeding that call. >> now, another phenomenon taking these today, the eclipse, the moon will be covering the sun on monday. >> that strike, it takes place a lot but this is one time when lives of people will be able to witness it. it has been compared to the super bowl in terms of how many will he watching it -- >> millions, apparently -- >> yes, because of this planetary event, it basically happens when the moon passes between the net -- between the sun and momentarily locks light to the earth. it is the first time in a century that millions of people get to view itit and this new super reports that a welsh singer, bonnie tyler will be singing her song "total of clips on a cruise while
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clients are viewing the clips at the royal caribbean cruise ship. that.ill not react to [laughter] you end with a story from the guardian about changing trends in hollywood. >> yes, this is a fascinating read, one if you can get past the rather racy headline from the guideline -- the guardian. it turns out the contrived stories are forbidden of unrequited live often make up a bulk of bali would fields and they are now making way for morse areas themes such as -- for more serious themes such as the lack of toilets. there is a film about a woman who falls in love with a man that refuses to be with him until he installs a toilet in his home. it seems trivial but is an issue that affects 60% of india's
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billion plus population, a lack of access to toilets. they will also be talking about menstrual hygiene and direct oldest auction, a far cry frfrom the stories we are used to seeing in bali would movies. >> that is good. about time. thank you for the press review. you can watch more on the presss review on our website, live from paris, we continue after the break to read stay with us. ♪
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michael klare: welcome, everyone. i'm going to speak tonight about the major themes of my book which is "the depletion or disappearance of the world's vital resources." the resources we depend upon to support our modern industrial civilization and about the scramble to procure, to secure what's left in the world of


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